Stepping Stones Safe Haven | Get Involved
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Who We Need

Learn More About Our Volunteer Positions

Here is a list of the volunteer positions that we need, along with the average time requirements, and time of day we need them filled. Thank you for your consideration!

Shelter Support

Daily, from 7 am to 5:30 pm

Support guests and staff by answering the door, checking in guests, assisting with supplies, interacting and encouraging guests and monitors for any potential conflicts or concerns.

Work is typically in 2-hour increments. Ideally not more than 8 hours per month.

The Prayer Team

Wednesdays, 3pm at the shelter

Join us every week in person to be in prayer for the ministry, staff, board, and guests we minister to daily.

Time Commitment: Varies. Prayer needs will be shared through volunteer platform. Opportunities to pray as a group will be shared.


Typically during our business hours.

Pick-up/Drop off guests for doctor’s appointments, resource appointments, interviews, etc.

Time commitment can vary- we do provide auto insurance

The Meal Program

Meals delivered around 5 pm.

Provide dinner for 12 guests plus overnight hostess.

Average time commitment of one night per month.

The Moveout Team

Hours utilized will vary.

Assists guests as they move to their Next Step. Often collects household goods or physically assists on moving day.

Average time commitment will vary.

Overnight Hostesses

5pm to 7pm

Monitors guests in the shelter overnight. Sleeps in the front office/lobby area. Assists with serving meals. Monitors and addresses any conflicts/concerns.

Time will vary, sometimes being as often as once a week.


Can vary.

Participates in event planning committee.

Time commitment is about 2 – 4 hours per week during our event seasons.

Ready to get started?