Stepping Stones Safe Haven | Emergency Shelter
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About the Shelter

Stepping Stones Safe Haven offers several services to our clients seeking to develop stability and consistency in their lives and in the lives of their children. Our organization offers a Day Shelter and Night Shelter for homeless mothers with children and individual women. However, preference is given to women with children.

Our Day Shelter is offered to the community from 8:00a to 4:00p seven days a week and is available to clients who have been approved to participate pending a background check as well as various local, state and national registry checks. The safety of our volunteers, clients and staff is of the utmost concern at Stepping Stones Safe Haven Inc. Our Day Shelter offers clients an opportunity to come indoors from the elements. We offer participants spacious and clean shower & restroom facilities as well as a kitchen area for preparing meals. We offer washer and dryer access to those participating in our shelter program. A media center with computer and internet access is available for those individuals searching for employment opportunities.

Our Emergency Night Shelter is held from 4:00p through 8:00a seven nights a week. Our Emergency Night Shelter is reserved for clients who are participating in either the Stepping Stones case management aspect of our program (lasting up to three months) or those who are registered with us for the Safe Haven temporary shelter aspect (lasting up to 45 days)

Our Emergency Night Shelter features all aspects of the Day Shelter with the addition of cots, pillows & linens and blankets provided to accommodate participants with a safe, warm and good night’s sleep.

Depending on the day of the week, various community church organizations have partnered with Stepping Stones Safe Haven Inc. and will host our Emergency Night Shelter on their campuses. Transportation to and from The Haven to those campuses and back to The Haven is provided. Availability is limited and spots cannot be held.

Shelter check-in begins at 4:00 p.m. and closes promptly at 5:00

Admission Guidelines


We do not accept persons under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

We do not accept anyone who has a history of severe criminal acts or violent offense(s),

We do not accept registered sex offenders

We do not accept persons who have obvious or a history of physical or mental health needs beyond the scope of our services

Clients must be able to be independent in a community type environment and adhere to shelter rules.

What Haven Is

  • A means for a sector of people to become directly involved with the homeless in order to gain knowledge about the growing population.
  • A congregations way of opening their facilities to a chosen number of people as guests.
  • An opportunity for guests to learn that people really care.
  • A way for hosts to understand that the faceless figure on the street corner is more than a statistic.
  • About serving without prejudice or pride.
  • Putting the tenets of your faith into practice.
  • About giving and not receiving.
  • An opportunity, not an answer.

What Haven Is Not

  • The solution to homelessness
  • A congregations way to provide economic assistance, job training nor personal spiritual direction.
  • About establishing a large shelter in which hundreds of people are cared for nightly.
  • And it’s not about major fundraising and capital campaigns.

How To help

  • Congregations Can

    • Choose the amount of guests you would like to host
    • Shelter is only open this year to women and women with children
    • Stepping Stones staff will guide you along the way and provide training

  • Individuals Can

    • Partner with other congregations/organizations
    • Transport guests
    • Prepare and/or serve meals.
    • Assist with set up and clean up of hosting location
    • Spend time with guests (games, movies, etc.)
    • Serve as an overnight host or volunteer

We’ve partnered with several churches in our community to provide the emergency shelters for women in need. Explore our current partners below.